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knee (енглески)


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knee, множина: knees

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[1] колено



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[1] knee

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ВикицитатиMala Ledi


They were the well-formed legs of a well-built, five-foot-ten man who

weighed a hundred and eighty pounds. Further , they told a tale of the man. The left thigh was marred by a scar ten inches in length. Across the left ankle, from instep to heel, were scattered half a dozen scars the size of half-dollars. When Oh My prodded and pulled the left knee a shade too severely, Forrest was guilty of a wince. The right shin was colored with several dark scars, while a big scar, just under the knee, was a positive dent in the bone. Midway between knee and groin was the mark of an ancient three-inch gash, curiously dotted with the minute

scars of stitches.