Пређи на навигацију Пређи на претрагу

Like other words that start with ב‎,‎ ג‎,‎ ד‎,‎ כ‎,‎ פ‎,‎ or ת‎, this term's initial letter takes a dagesh lene. In older texts, that dagesh is usually dropped when the word is preceded, in the same phrase, by a word ending in a mater lectionis; in modern texts, the dagesh is usually preserved even in such a case. Likewise, in older texts, the dagesh is always dropped when the word is prefixed by an indefinite ב־‎‏,‎ כ־‎‏,‎ or ל־‎‏, or by ו־‎‏; in modern speech, the dagesh is often preserved in such a case. (After the definite ב־‎‏,‎ כ־‎‏,‎ and ל־‎‏, and after the prefixes ה־‎‏,‎ מ־‎‏,‎ and ש־‎‏, there is a dagesh forte, as described in the usage notes for those prefixes.)


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